Quick Ref Guide Update

Sorry for not posting for a while, work has been busy and I’ve been working on my studio project www.acethings.com for more info

Good news I say the iBook The OP-1 Cookbook has been updated to match the latest OS. Available on iTunes. For those that don’t know it’s a quick ref guide with walk through, tips etc on all things OP-1. Good news is I have dropped price, now well below a cup of coffee

Also the site www.go-p1.net has been updated. The iBook partially funds (rest out of my pocket) the site, hosting, tools, domain etc.

Enjoy and as always, feedback welcome.

When I click on the Available on the iBookstore, it shows me only a Waremart Foods v. United Foods book

@bichuelo same for me on a iPhone.
I went to go-p1.net to find the link but it’s iPad only, @iceritchie can you make it work on iPhone ?

Yep, just checked. Apple took it down due to the works ‘Apple iBook’ being and infringement of copyright despite the publishing tool itself putting the text in and it being there for 3-4 years.

Will update today. Sorry guys.

The book is marked for iPad and can’t easily be ported to iPhone in same format. I have looked at iPhone version and it’s just time that’s holding it back.

The sample of the last version works on my iPhone SE. Don’t remember how I got it. I will check when your book will be back in store.

The iBook is now live on iTunes Bookstore. Designed for iPad so not sure how it will work on iPhone

Link on my www.go-p1.net OP-1 website or here:


Remember i have also reduced the price for this release version

Now I see it and downloaded the sample.

I want to buy it, but I like more Kindle than iBooks. Any chance you could put it in the other platform?

I’ve looked at the kindle format and while it would lose the interactive sections it would need a rewrite which I don’t have time to do right now.