Quick reminder on how to copy patches/samples to the OP-1?

Is there a simple guide somewhere re. the OP-1’s file structure and where to copy user patches/synth samples/drum samples to be imported into the OP-1? And also what can be done with renaming/foldering these files to keep the OP-1 neatly organised??

For example, I downloaded some sample packs from vintage synths and I’d love to see these come up in my OP-1’s sample library listed by synth, and the same with drums listed by drum machine/library name…

Similarly, if a user provides a set of patches for the OP-1’s synths, I’d like to see them separated and organised by that user’s name, with the ability to rename each patch as I see fit…

How would I go about doing this?

Just add a folder within “synth” (or “drum”) and put stuff in it.

What goes in there though? Patches or samples?

And any idea why the OP-1 will only import the first ~6 or so samples I download in a pack and delete the rest?? IT says I still have ~70MB free space…?!

Synth patches and (keyboard) sampler patches both go inside “synth” inside whatever folders you see fit.

If you’re getting errors you may need to empty the trash/recycle bin while connected to your computer. Or you have too many patches already.