Quick tip for MOOD type strangeness, and one for randomization

This first idea was inspired by the MOOD pedal from Chase Bliss, Just a quick trick to get some strange randomish ambience out of a simple melodic synth line:

Isolate the melodic line on the tape track (Make it the only thing sending to the tape input) then set the timing for 2 or so, something short, put a trigger for the tape loop halfway through the sequence, holding till beat 13, then, And This Is The Important Thing, set the sequence length (Using track and shift) to 3 measures rather than 4. This results in the tape track mangling different chunks of the melody on each pass. Then you run Just The Tape Track through the delay (And reverb too if you’re feeling adventurous!), and adjust that to taste. Of course, all the variables can be adjusted to fit, the main point being to get the tape track running at a different interval than the melody so it grabs different chunks as it runs.

Another add on to this, is to increase the attack time on certain steps, and then use the spark component to say to the notes “Hey, you know that attack adjustment that makes the note sound reversed? Only do that sometimes at random.” Its the Parameter Spark set to 9 that will achieve that.

So, also, a second smaller tip for your randomized sequences (And this is a Staple, so you may have heard it before): Throw some delay on that sucker and listen as the sequence becomes instantly more musically relevant as the random sequences repeat themselves. Obviously you can use the automation of the delay track to make the delay heavier or less present as the loop goes along, and if you set the delay track for a 3 bar sequence as we did with the tape track in the first example, you get a nice sort-of-random ocurrance of delay.

Hope ya’ll have a lovely weekend.



This is awesome, I have to try it out! Thanks a lot for sharing, saving it to explore later.

Thanks for sharing! Added in some ramp up and ramp down step components to the sequence for some additional variation. One could also spice it up even more with the new LFO features or jam with it by adjusting the various parameters, sequence lengths, using the master track, etc. The OP-Z surely delivers when it comes to producing complexity out of very simple basic sequences. Have only scratched the surface yet.

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This sounds awesome! Think you could make a vid? I’m having trouble re-creating.

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Bought a MOOD for my birthday recently (spoiler: it‘s awesome) but will definitly try this out!

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Yeah, I had to go with the Tonal Recall because I just gotta have that basic analog delay with cc control for my synths, basically have spent the last week trying to convince myself I don’t Really need a MOOD… it’s almost working.

I cN make a video this weekend. Was planning on doing a few on the OP-Z. Uploading to the forum is a mystery so it’ll probably be a link.

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I can help you with that: You don‘t really need it but it‘s amazing😉

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Hopefully this works?


Sick! Gonna check it out when I finish DJing this 13th birthday party :rofl:

I have to say I like your video


Thanks so much for making this vid. I really appreciate you taking the time.

& I like that lil bell melody :slight_smile:
Is that a sampled bell, or an OPZ Synth?

Op-Z Synth. I have definitely found it suitable for bell tones, and honestly, I think they did a very genius thing by focusing on the sequencing aspect, there are so many great options for cheap-ish hardware and Dirt Cheap software synths for iPad if you need something deep. I consider the synths on OP-Z to be mostly for rough sketching. Sometimes though, they strike the right tone and I just use that maybe through some analog delay / reverb because GOD DAMN the reverb on the OP sucks in my opinion.

Quality vid mate

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Thanks for the video! :clap: