r/AMA - teenage engineering AMA #2 (nov 19th)

This is your chance to ask them questions.


Really excited by their answers. I think it’s very cool they’re dedicated to their existing products and keep updating them!

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Love TE but I think they said a whole lot of nothing. Also, I asked 3 questions and they didn’t answer a single one of them LOL

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Someone asked about the possibility of multiple pages to get longer than 16 step patterns on the OP-Z and this was their answer:

  1. seen a lot of questions regarding this. again would be interesting to see what someone could come up with using unity…


I guess it’s time to stop holding out hope for that one. :frowning:

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I missed this, otherwise I’d have been one of the many asking about double triggering on the OP-Z.

I barely use mine now, it’s too frustrating. Such a shame as I got one of the initial batch, and waited for ages while they developed it.

Seems like they may have it under control on new units now, but it doesn’t help those of use that got them earlier.

I’d be happy to see some kind of software attempt to fix - even if it requires some effort to get the right setting.


It would be so rad to get replacements for those of us who paid full price with early models and got stuck with dbl trigs. My 2nd unit still dbl trigs thankfully it’s mostly on just the low A.

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I ordered a rumble module when they came out and it didn’t work consistently with my first batch Z. I sent it in for diagnosis and they said everything seemed fine, but that I had some double triggering and replaced the entire thing for free. Double triggering wasn’t even the issue I initially raised, but they swapped it no questions. Might be worth sending them a message.

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Wow. That was handy! Shame you ended up with another double trig-ger after all that. Yeah, I emailed, they created a ticket, I responded, sent them a video and it all went quiet at their end. Disappointing.

I have a first stock rumble also. It actually worked right away for me in mine, although my unit does have a bit of warp now. …and its had such a super easy life.

The replacement doesn’t have double triggers. I miss the old component graphics, though.

It would have been nice if TE had confirmed that this double trig issue was indeed a HW problem that was fixed in more recent production batches and had done a “recall”.