Radio Sampler "Seek" button stopped working

I recently noticed that when I’m in the radio sampler I can’t click on the Green encoder anymore to advance to the next available radio station. Obviously this isn’t a HUGE deal, but it was helpful to find the stations that came in quickly.

Has anyone else had that stop working? I’m wondering if I somehow got dust or something under the encoder that is blocking it from making contact? I took the knob off but it’s hard to tell if there is anything in there. I can’t even think of another section of the synth where you need to press that button so I’m not sure if it’s just the radio sampler that isn’t working or if it’s the button itself.

Any advice would be appreciated!

The button is stuck in the bottom of the OP-1? Is a rare event but i recomend play whit the button until loose. Greetings from Argentine.

I don’t think there is any other function for the click of any encoder, unfortunately

Thanks guys, I messed with it some more and I was able to get it to work when I spun it around a bunch, and pressed harder than normal. Must have been stuck or something! Thanks a bunch.