Random menu changes

I’m not sure this has been covered yet but this seems to happen to me quite frequently. I’ll be preforming any random task when all of the sudden (as though I’ve just hit a random button) the screen/menu will enter a different screen/menu to which I am in. For example, I’ll be on the sound select screen checking out different sounds when suddenly it will switch to a random sequencer screen and that sequencer will obviously instantly initiate. Kind of weird. I started off just brushing it off as a missed signal but now it happens much more frequently. Any thoughts?

Sounds similar to this one:


Have you already tried to reintall the firmware and do a factory reset?

Yeah I had problem that sounds very similar. Hardware issue. Had to ship it for repair. Email TE and give them the details and they’ll let you know if it’s the same issue. Does yours switch spontaneously entirely by itself? If I remember correctly mine would only do it when I hit a key or a button.