sorry if my question is silly but i am new to the op1
using the on line patch randomizer all i get is a sound that just says …i am obviously doing something wrong …can anyone explain how it works???


You need to transfer them to the OP-1. They’re synth presets, not actual sounds, what you’re hearing is just a dummy message.

i did…i hear op1 patch on the op1 as well…


when i import the older sounds as well…before the update…all sounds say /op1 patch/ as well…

Oh, maybe TE changed the file format then. @punji would you know anything about this?

Edit: Come to think of it: There are people importing old presets to the new OS, so this probably is not a general issue. Is there a chance that some software of yours interferes with the file while transferring it? Are you on a Mac?

no…pc…could that make any difference???

…its the synth sounds that say /op1 patch/… samples , drum and synth can be heard fine…strange

Not really, I was just assuming that it’s more likely for a Mac to interfere with audio stuff.

I have not upgraded to the latest firmware yet, so I can’t confirm that. It is possible that TE changed something in the preset loading code that is causing the randomizer patches to fail due to some non-standard format that was ignored before.

Not really, I was just assuming that it's more likely for a Mac to interfere with audio stuff.

How so?

I would love for Voltage to be added to the randomizer.

i wish Teenage would just bake the randomizer into the op1. there is so much functionality I would never think to try but a randomizer would load it up instantly and then I can reverse engineer it. Much of Page 4 can be super complicated. and the shift parameter opening up extra functionality or fine tuning on most things. drum adsr settings i dont understand. etc…

Glad someone else is confused by drum adsr. What’s the deal with that?

@Anfim https://www.operator-1.com/index.php?p=/discussion/comment/21278/#Comment_21278