Raspberry Pi - a cheap alternative to the Kenton USB Midi box - video guide

Not sure if instructions have been posted before but I couldn’t find anything when I searched. I made this video showing how it’s done:


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awesome!~ ive been working on raspi integration in eurorack. my intent is to dump op1 tracks onto the raspi and have the r pi spit out a cv clock signal. that way everything will be in time. im often recording into the op1. so getting those files out and back into my modular has me excited. I see other useful features like turning usb midi into cv out. or just even a master recorder in the pi. time shall tell. ill report my findings on this forum

great work!

hmm what kinda sequencers etc can we get running on the pi? for op1 control. i think sunvox tracker works on the pi. but no idea if it spits out midi.

maybe we can make a simple program for downloading all the files on the op1 for storage on the rpi. something like a zero with a huge microsd. that way i wont feel guilty wiping all my tracks when i need space!

^ Just use a smartphone?

For sequencing on the pi Seq24 works very well (sudo apt-get install seq24)

Sonic Pi is also worth playing with, much deeper than first seems, it uses samples or synths based around c-sound. You can create unusual musical structures with it as well as more standard stuff.

@void just posted a rpi- korg/PO sync from midi app here https://www.operator-1.com/index.php?p=/discussion/1924/usb-midi-korg-style-sync-for-rpi#latest

@yoof has done some pi stuff too, although I have not had the chance to check it out yet, IIRC it was a utility for making drum kits from individual samples.

On the old forum someone (sorry can’t remember his name) created a backup app OP1 Backup Thinga-ma-jing 2000 - YouTube

But yeah pi is pretty handy/fun :slight_smile: