Really crunchy OP1 beat tape

Yo what’s up guys. I’m a long-time forum user but just haven’t been active much lately, life is crazy with young kids…!

I just released an all-OP1* beat tape of pretty hard-hitting, gritty, Lofi hip hop stuff - with a bit of psyche thrown in there too. I’ve tried to really push as much vibe out of the internal engines as much as possible, with some samples pulled directly using the FM radio, and some kits from OP1-Fun.

Hopefully you guys can vibe with it. It’s on all streaming platforms, including youtube with some glitchy-vids if you’re a more visual person.

Here’s some links to get you started:


Any questions please let me know! These works are actually part of my PhD studies, so any questions about the process or whatever I can really dig in deep. I also have backups of all the 4-tracks, if anyone wants them for a song to load into their own OP, HMU and I’ll dropbox them to you.

*The only exception here is track 2 (Deep Distrust) which was tracked through a Kaoss Pad mini, which adds the HPF and reverb pumps)


Some cool tracks there! Crunchy vibe. Nice work! Thanks for sharing!!