Realtime sampling beats with the OP-1

Hi there,

I recently got an OP-1 and hooked it up with my Elektron Analog Rytm sending the output of the OP-1 into the stereo input of the Elektron (for the analog compressor). Both are synchronized via a computer with Ableton Live.

I tried using the tape to get a clean loop (because tape is synchronized), then lifting-droping the loop into a drum sampler and then playing a 16 steps sequence with endless sequencer.

But so far I couldn’t get anything satisfactory. There are silences between the slices, their lengths are not equal, etc.

Has anyone tried to realtime sample a drum machine with the OP-1?

It could be fun to mess up a beat by fiddling with endless or just editing slices in real time.

Maybe it would be better to directly sample into the sampler, instead of going through tape?

Any help is welcome :slight_smile:


did you edit the zones of your patch after you dropped it into the drum sampler?

the drum sampler doesn’t chop it up into 16 equal parts since there are like 24? keys.
it does it in some weird way.

i’ve been wanting to sit down w/ it and figure out the science behind it so that it would work out. like 24 beats? i don’t think thats it but its something.

16+8 iirc

The idea is to lift-drop a loop that was recorded in realtime during a live act, so editing each step would be too tedious. I was wondering how the OP-1 actually sliced a loop (based on transients or time?). It’s kind of hard to grasp. And I’m new to the machine.

So, if I get it right from eesn’s messages, the loop is actually chopped into 16 slices?

But what are “iirc’s”?

(and thx for your inputs)

iirc is “if I remember correctly” and I think he is saying 16+8 as in it cuts it into 24 bits

Equally sized slices that is. So with a max length of 12 seconds, you get 24 slices of .5 of a second