Recommend a reverb

Getting a little tired of the reverb on the OP-1. Am looking for something for that 80s (gated etc) vibe. Ideally something with a really small footprint too (just to sample hits back into the OP) Any good ones out there?

A good reverb can be expensive, but it’s the kind of FX you get hooked and never resell.

I found that Eventide Space was giving a new depths to any synth I feed it with.
Same for Strymon BigSky.

Other would tell OTO Bam ot Empress Reverb…

Be ready to spend quite some money.
But I assure you it’s worth it, opening huge sonic landscapes.

thanks for the info

I remember liking the Avalanche Run…But guessing this is more of a delay rather than a reverb?

I have the Avalanche run, it is both a delay and a reverb…not a ton of options to adjust the reverb sound but it does sound great. I was running the OP-1 through it in this video (no delay, just reverb):

Nice tune p0k! Do you find the Avalanche has a nice tape delay, almost like a space echo?

That Bam Space Generator sounds (and looks) amazing! Whats the deal with those, lots of demos from last year but not available to purchase until next month?

Yeah, OTO seems to run a small business…

There’s also “Disaster Transport SR” from EarthQuaker Devices…
It seemed to be beautiful !

One thing you might end needing is MIDI in…
Pretty cool to be able to change your reverb parameters from your Elektron machine and such.

Consider neunaber’s wet reverb or their immerse reverb. I looooove neunaber.

Lexicon Reflex - the best (reverb) sound in my studio.
90s 1u rack model I picked up for £75.
Always sounds good.Can be controlled by midi.

Cracked for the big sky for christmas and I have no no no regrets :smiley:
It’s expensive for sure, but that’s something you gonna keep for hundred years.
OTO is awesome too, but always sold out because they’re killers !

I recently re-bought and then returned a Strymon BigSky. They are amazing, but I found it too over the top. Someone on Elektronauts made the comment that the BigSky was an fx reverb, and I agree to a certain extent. If you want a reverb that just gives a good sense of space, without being a main component of your sound, then I’d look into other things. I mean, you could dial it all down but then that’s maybe missing the point of the BigSky or similair types of reverb pedals. The Empress Reverb pedal is meant to be very similar but apparently sounds more natural. I know you want a small footprint, but maybe reconsider a 1U rack unit. Lexicon, TC Electronic perhaps.

Thanks jonesy_op! Big Sky is definitely awesome, The avalanche run has a lot of different options for delay which is cool…nice if you are thinking of getting a reverb and delay pedal anyway…just to have it all in one box. Like I said though you just won’t have as many options

The Mooer Ocean Machine looks/sounds interesting.

Haven’t used big sky or space but I have an empress and it sounds great on guitar. Does natural and weird. With some delay options and lofi/amp sims too. Has midi but you need to buy a little adaptor thing for 5-pin. They’re like £3 on ebay. Haven’t really used it much on synths yet (or even updated it to get the new reverbs) but in theory it should be good. Maybe order a few different boxes from a store that is ok with returns and trial them at home?

Think I might go for the Bam Space generator. The big sky sounds beautiful (but sounds like a big sky) but the Oto has that familiar sound (from 80s tracks) which I love. Thanks for the tips

The Bam is really good, definitely has that old school flavour. I recently picked up a Zoom MS70CDR as well and it can get pretty close to some Bam sounding stuff with a little tweaking, it does a lot more besides although, of course it does not do all that Bam can, but is a nice unit for the price.

+1 for the MS70CDR. Nice sounds (Shimmer Reverb is my fave), customizable patches of multiple effects, and USB power for a really reasonable price.

I’ve had the BAM and BIM for a few weeks now and both sound fantastic!! I was close to buying Big Sky too but ultimately I wanted a more versatile reverb rather than the Big Sky signature. Also I could only find one place in L.A. that had a BAM in stock so I jumped on it (new BAM batch should be coming late Feb-March if I remember correctly). Don’t know how the BIM ended up in my shopping cart, it just did lol!!

BigSky is worth every darn penny. Entirely opposite to the OP1’s reverb. Run some Tombola through the Cloud algo and walk away, I dare you :slight_smile:

@skintechnician – Did you get yours from Big City Music?

They have the OTO Bam in stock. I got mine from there a few weeks ago, without having to wait for OTO's next batch...

As a Biscuit owner and OTO fanboy, I was so happy to get my hands on Bim and Bam. OTO Machines are just so responsive and playable, like instruments in their own right instead of just being effects pedals. Now I really just want Boum to become a reality!

Do you think their holding off on Boum because of the success of Analog Heat?