Recommend a Turntable and how to Sample

Hi folks.

Excuse the noob question but i would like to get a turntable to sample from.(please recommend one) I see i need to input to the mic to sample. Do i need to buy a certain cable thats not included with the turntable? Is there any thing i should know tips wise here as its new to me. Thanks!

Budget small

Hi Peeter, the main thing to look for sampling is whether the turntable has a “line” output or only a “phono” output. The signal from the phono output won’t sound right when you sample it, so you’ll need a separate “phono preamp” to convert it. Many newer turntables have a phono preamp built in, and so they’re ready to connect directly. If you aren’t too concerned with audio quality, anything with a line output will do.

For a budget pick I suggest the LP60 from Audio-Technica:

It’s ready to connect to the OP-1 mic input out of the box. It has a switchable line/phono output and an 3.5mm jack adapter.

If you have a little more to spend, and you want to use the turntable for listening as well as sampling, consider stepping up to the LP120, which has a better drive mechanism and a fully adjustable tone arm.

PS. I have no personal experience with the LP60. I am mainly recommending it cause a) the LP120 is really good and b) it’s cheaper while still meeting your needs for sampling.


Cheers macfergus. Im onto it now. Do the usb to mic input cables usually come included? I guess they arent.

Normally you’d only use the USB output for sampling to a computer. If you want to sample directly on an OP-1 or other hardware, you’d use the RCA output.

Most turntables won’t include cable you need, although the LP60 does. If you pick up a different turntable, you’ll probably need an adapter like this one:
They are easy to find and shouldn’t cost much more than about US$5.

Thanks. Shows how little i know! Good thing im in the right place to ask. Thanks!!

what cables do I need? I have the OP-1 arriving this week and own a bluetooth audio-technica LP120USB

would phono to 3.5mm be sufficient. like if I get a 5-10m cable straight into the OP-1. would that work or do I need some kind of signal splitter?

you dont need a splitter

Odds are you’re wanting to do this on a smallish budget. As in, once you’ve factored-in the cost a turntable > Stylus that won’t sound thin > Pre-amp > Phono input device or Phone to jack adapters > Audio interface/computer.
Then there’s the medium itself or are you hoping to find good sample fodder in a charity shop?

Another alternative could be to curate a folder full of what you’ll use in a high quality digital format then use some free plugins to add vinyl crackle/clicks/scratches, a hint of some smile shaped EQ curves and maybe use xPaulstretch to alter the length of samples.
A free Valhalla reverb should you require.

Whichever way you do it I’m positive you’ll feel good, gathering your own ‘original’ material is fun.