Recommendation - Cheap old iPhone 5s for the OP-Z


I just wanted to do a post about getting a cheap old iPhone for using purely as an OP-Z screen. I picked up a 5s for £33 including postage on eBay and I’m really pleased with it. Its kind of old, scratched (and locked to some network I’ve never heard of), but for the OP-Z I really like it. It’s nice and small as well. Despite being a bit old it’s got plenty enough power to run the OP-Z app absolutely fine. If you’re an Android phone user like me and are thinking of doing the same I think it’s a great ultra portable upgrade.


This is a great idea to repurpose an older piece of tech instead of buying a new one! Alas, I did not think of that — I ended up buying an iPod Touch just after getting my OP-Z last year. What you did is more environmentally sound. Good for you! :slight_smile:


Well I’m guessing you’ll be able to get a lot more use out a modern device like that. Run a bunch of more resource heavy stuff that I won’t be able to on this old thing!