Recommended Micro USB to Type C Cable for OP-Z and Arturia Keystep?

Tried to replicate the setup in the Cuckoo OP-Z USB MIDI video, using this Amazon Micro USB to USB C cable.

It doesn’t seem to work, and I’m curious what exact cable others are using to connect their OP-Z and Keystep via USB? Would like to buy one that I know others have had success with.

Things I tried:

  1. Tried plugging them in directly, but Keystep doesn’t light up
  2. Used an external power supply to Keystep. Even with power, I can’t get it to play notes on the OP-Z
  3. Reset Keystep settings to factory defaults and ensured both devices are using latest firmware
  4. OP-Z was recently charged, ruling out low battery issue
  5. Confiured OP-Z midi.json to accept MIDI on active channel, still nothing
  6. Lots of powering down, restarting, cable disconnecting/reconnecting
  7. Wondering if this cable is defective, or if I am defective

might be something u already tried
but have u tried like plugging keystep in first then turning on the Z
or having the Z already on then plugging keystep in?

when i had my Z, the order of operations seemed to be most important to getting things working proper.

if not, are u sure the cable u bought transmits data too? not just power.

and goes w/o saying maybe but always isolating each part and making sure that works.
like keystep is transmitting midi? midi channels are lined up? etc etc.

lots of silly things to mess up w/ midi sometimes

hi pwenzel… the link you posted to the Micro USB to USB-C cable seems to be a cable especially for a DJI Drone…so maybe that is the reason why it doesn´t work?:thinking:
or is it a wrong link?

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I just use the white cable provided by Arturia and a USB A(?) to USB C adapter like what comes with a lot of Android phones. I went by Best Buy asking if they had something that would work as an adapter and they just gave me one for free.

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I have one of these and its the perfect length if you like to rest your OP-Z on the right top side of the Keystep with barely any cable slack hanging off:


@decaynews You are probably right! I will try the one @freqout recommends and will share my results.

i used this really short one and it works:
Though I am getting varied results from trying to use the transport and tempo on the keystep, but that could be just me not knowing how to set the dipswitches the right way. Playing just works.

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I ended up buying this very same cable and it worked marvelously with my OP-Z and Keystep. Thanks!