Record AUM tracks into the op1f

i am trying to record a few tracks from AUM onto one tape track of my op1f, recording works, tempo sync works, I just can’t get the start/stop recording to sync. when I hold the rec button on the op1 and press start in AUM the op1 starts rolling, but not recording. is there a trick to record in sync?

just going off the top
but isn’t it like shift+rec maybe?

no, Doesn’t work unfortunately

ah maybe its a field thing then
bc holding rec and shift+rec both record when receiving midi start // clock on the OG
just tested it

as you can see in the clip, it always snaps back to play

unfortunate but it def works for the OG
hopefully they will update the field to match

in the meantime
maybe u could use the OP1 as the master and toggle play // record that way?

that doesn’t work either, but i am not sure whether I have the right settings in AUM

AUM does not yet support external MIDI sync. Try using Audiobus, Drambo or Loopy PRO instead of AUM.

how could you integrate AUM and audiobus with that?

You could run AUM through Audiobus. Open AUM. Then open Audiobus and put AUM on one output channel. MIDI sync Audiobus to OP-1. In this way Audiobus will send start stop messages to AUM. The stability of this is a bit hit or miss though.

Thanks, I’ll try that!