Record CC/note length automation on the OP-Z?

The OP-Z can receive CC messages, e.g. note length. Is there a way to record this ON the machine?

Alternately, is there a way to send the data wireless from iOS devices and record the outgoing midi from the machine at the same time?

I’d like to record the outgoing midi from a track on the OP-Z, but at the same time automating the note length on the track (so that the length changes as the track plays back). And recording the midi on the iOS device, including the note length automation.
It seems that I cannot send and record midi from the iOS device at the same time…

Of course, it’s a possibility if I had a computer to the set up but I prefer not to :slight_smile:

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I haven’t found a way to record those messages on the OP-Z but haven’t tried too hard.

I don’t have an iOS device so this is a complete guess: maybe you could send BLE MIDI to the OP-Z and record the USB MIDI output from the OP-Z on your phone?

Hey jtswearingen :notes:

Thanks for the suggestion which I tried once I got my hands on a USB-C to lightning cable and I couldn’t make it work.

However I made it work with sending the CC messages from my HW sequencer and it works fine :+1:

I’m getting all kinds of strange CC messages from my HW sequencer, would you by any chance know what CC no that changes the BPM on the Deluge (even though clock in + clock out is disabled?
It’s usually a change to 44 BPM or 77 BPM?

I’m a little mystified by that :jigsaw:

Thanks and sorry for getting back so slowly

No worries, and this time it was my delay.

Hmm, based on what you’ve described maybe the Deluge is sending values on CC 56 to the OP-Z? That would change the OP-Z’s clock (don’t remember how they scaled it–it’s weird IIRC) and maybe that’s affecting the clock on the Deluge as a consequence. Does that sound right?