record line in with effects

Hello. I wonder if it might be possible to record from line in or mic with effects on OP-1

The master effects work. i sometimes record line in directly into Album mode. M1 & M2 works with it too.

You have to select Ear in the mic section.This records everything heard at output ,including other tracks playing on Tape.

To record an external instrument to a tape track: hit shift and mic, select mic/line, set level. Return to tape screen, press mic, icon appears and you should hear your external source. Record and play to desired tape track.

Thank you very much for your comments. But from what I see, make a recording on a track of the tape of an instrument or microphone with effects, it is impossible :frowning:

Oh yes you may be right actually…my bad.

Try @Ullbasunen’s suggestion recording to Album,then try Re-syncing to Tape.Record Album,via Ear to Tape.Intime.

Yeah, you will have to record to the album and then track it back to tape in order for the Master fx to print/record.

thank you!!!. I just made a recording line effect with your suggestions !!!.

So to record to album, you mean record it to tape first, then record to album, then export to a DAW and put it back to tape?

No @Cityscape,just pass through Tape without recording.Go through Master and record straight to album.
You can then re-record album to tape.

Can you not record record to another tape track using the Ear, not going through Album first? I will check this out on my lunchbreak.