Record sample without holding record

Hey there!

Recently got the OP-Z, and it’s a mind melting machine, has everything that I’d want and more… I recently found out it can sample and been playing with that, but idk how they figured the hold record function makes any sense in this regard? So many people would probably try to sample something they’d need two hands for, like many instruments, or even to just have the option.

Maybe I’m just blind, but I can’t find a way to lock the recording, nor be able to hear the metronome while this recording is happening… It would be perfect if you could just press record and it would just keep recording, writing over itself if need be (maybe this could be optional?)

Anyone know how to do this? Otherwise, how would I suggest this feature to be changed/added in a firmware update?

I thought just pressing and hold record + play would do the trick on just having it hold automatically, tried a bunch more combinations but nothing worked.

It would be V useful for those of us who want to record our guitar chords or play a live drum loop or something, it just seems it cant be done yet!

Unless you want to use an elastic band and like a small button/something to press the OPZ rec button down with the tension from the elastic band…

Yea it can.
While the sequencer is running press record and play. The opz will stay in record mode.

Does this also work for being able to input notes with both hands?

I don’t know the OP-Z personally, but on the OP-1 you can set a threshold level when sampling. It doesn’t start until it gets a signal above that level. (common to most samplers). So if that’s missing here, it seems like an important feature request.