Record Software Solution

Dear Operators,

hope sombody could help me out with a small record issue I face.
After a few tracks recorded fully inside the OP1 Icame to the conclusion that first of all the 4 tape decks are not enough for me as I use already 2 tapes to create Stereo sound.
Further more the 6 minutes of the record are not enough to play around with the stets prepared.

Hence my question on which I would like to read your opinions.
Which Software based Recordtool do you use featured on windows??



Everyone is pretty much going to recommend to you what they prefer to use. If all you want is audio recording, Audacity is free and will work. REAPER is $60 USD for a license (w/ a fully-functioning demo that never expires, but by using it you do technically agree to purchase a license after 60-days if you want to keep using it), and is more of a traditional DAW than Audacity.

There are lots and lots of options for what you want, and it’s all based on how you want to work, and how much you want to spend. A new copy of Cubase 7.5 will set you back $500, Studio One 2 Professional is $400, Ableton Live 9 is $500 or maybe $450 but Live 9 Intro is $99 (less features/tracks).

Download demos if you can, most work for 30 days so you can get an idea of what you’re getting into.

Ableton Live
Studio One
Digital Performer
Harrison Mixbus - cheap
REAPER - cheap
Audacity - free
Plogue Bidule - modular
Audiomulch - modular
Jeskola Buzz - modular and free (and I’d be using this if I was still on Windows)
Propellerheads Reason - modular, virtual hardware environment

not sure but I just googles Open Source DAW and got…

ohpeewon is my test user name… the above was from me… the pricing is really cool!

Speaking about DAWs, I really dig Tracktion. It’s cheap, really quick to learn, pretty feature-complete. I prefer it to Reaper, although Reaper has more bells and whistles. At the moment the (quite stable) beta is free on Linux. For other OSes it’s like 50 bucks or something. Ardour is really nice too, but I never “clicked” with it.

Ardour is for Linux and OS X. @Usul specified Windows.

linux windows it is all the same machine!

thx to all,

I opened the thread to get subjective meanings.
So thats what I got.
Already the first answer was much more then expected thnx.

My Idea was basicall not to spend 500 quit and use the regular production softwares like Cubase or Ableton but more a lightweight DAW enabling me to expand the already good working 4 tape recorders on board.

I just digged a little bit by myself and found the nice and free Dark Wave Studio

Also quite interesting seems the free for trial version of Bitwig

I’ll try the Dark wave first for good and report back

That sounds like a plan @Usul. Darkwave looks promising.

If you want inexpensive DAW’s, I’d certainly recommend either CakeWalk Music Creator 6 for $50 or MixCraft 6 for $75. I’ve tried both though I eventually purchased the Cakewalk software since I’ve used previous versions and know my way around. They both work well with VST instruments, many of which are free though the more impressive ones are quite expensive. Purchase an issue of Computer Music and you’ll find a nice collection of free software to use.

Having said this, I find DAWs in general are difficult to get your head around at first. Also, you may need to purchase a separate audio interface to get a proper signal into your computer from your OP-1. I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t speak from experience.

I was very impressed with MixCraft which I had never used before but found very easy to use as soon as it was installed. There’s a demo of MixCraft available which I would recommend trying. If you’ve never used a DAW before, I would certainly recommend MixCraft.

If you don’t want midi just use audacity.

That’s a good point, Audacity is an awesome and free piece of software with lots of audio editing tools!

you even get long paul stretch!!!

all hail the almighty Paul’s Extreme Stretch!

be careful with that Darkwave thing, it tries to install a bunch of extra crap along with it.

i know he said windows, but for the record, i’ve been using Ardour on GNU/Linux for a long time now… for recording and some basic editing/mixing, it is pretty decent, together with some LV2 plugins (specially the calf plugins) you can do a lot :slight_smile: