“Record to empty” or “Record in loop” - for precision replacement

Sometimes you have all four tracks going and you just want to replace a little piece of one track with a sort of a punch-in, so you hear what’s before and after, and which also lets you play going into the recording section so your delay and reverb are up at the right intensity to blend at the punch-in point.

Is there a record in-to-out point sort of functionality workaround that people use?

In any case, it would be sooo helpful to have a “record to empty” mode where you might clip out the part you want to replace, arm the track, hit record and it only writes to the track in empty space, and not overwrite audio that’s already on the tape.

Or, that you could enter a “record in loop” mode where the loop defines the punch in and out points of a recording, and doesn’t actually loop the transport.

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Sadly, no.
Record is always additive, always a layer over the top. You must cut out what you don’t want first.

Work around:
Set the locators before and after the section you want to overdub. Lift, and drop it back into place. Elsewhere on the tape, drop another copy. On that other copy, cut out the bit you don’t want. You’ll have before, a gap, and after. Lift and drop that back, that’s your ‘un do’ buffer.

I do overdubs like this onto another track along side the hole. Easier to try a few passes that way. If you have OP-1 Field you can use the recent Mixdrop function to merge your takes back into one before putting it back into the track.

Have a play anyway, things can be done but a nice punch in / out would be good.

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I think it must be most similar to “punch in” to clip out the offending part/bar, record a short section with roll-in and roll-out to the album, skip forward on the tape and record it (ear) back down to tape there. Record my punch in on a free track, playing along, then clip out the new bar and lift it back to the spot.

Or I can just stop making mistakes/changes/edits. :joy: