Record with Field Recorder vs. Audio Interface


I am quite unexperienced with music gear and I’ve been jamming quite a while with my PO KO! and PO Office. I want to start recording my jams into my iMac and I can see that these are two of the options available for me, either getting an Audio Interface or a Field Recorder. I have seen that there are cheap Field Recorders like the Zoom H1N so I was wondering what’s the difference between getting a field recorder vs an Audio Interface when recording POs. What do you all prefer? I guess you can also use the field recorder to get samples for the KO.

Thank you!

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I’d suggest a field recorder; you can take it out on the road with you and do so some ambient recording as well. If you get one of the midrange Zoom recorders, it will also act as a sound interface, so you get the best of both worlds. (I think the H4N does this, but check the data sheet before you run out and buy it on my say-so).

It’s a little on the pricey side and only does field recording, not act as a sound card, but the Roland R-07 has been all over with me and I regularly record from instruments with it.

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I use a little Scarlett 2i2 to get all my TE stuff into my Mac for editing and converting. Having said that I’m also finding I’m running out of inputs since getting more instruments. Once you get into full project creep mode and get an OP-Z, OP-1 and a bunch of other stuff you’ll probably want to think about a mixer too. This assumes you want to play them all at once and have a single output for all of them. Again, probably overkill for your question but… it will come :smile:

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Indeed. Some of the Focusrite mixers, and the bluebox, can record performances to SD or microSD cards, too.

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I was almost decided about getting a zoom h1n but since I also own a Model:Cycles you may be right that a mixer could be better for me. Do you all have a recommendation? As I said I’m inexperienced with this kind of gear!

I appreciate your answers!!!

I’m looking at either a Behringer or Yamaha MG range. All of them are pretty good but I’d buy one assuming you’re going to add more instruments later so you don’t run out.

This is a really good video that might help you along Audio Interface vs Mixer - What is the Difference? - YouTube

Thank you!! This is really helpful! Yeah, I came for one thing but now I’m realizing I might need a different thing in the long run :full_moon_with_face: