Recording an external synth to Tape while sequencing the synth from the OP-1

I haven’t figured out how to record an external synth to Tape while using the OP-1 to sequence notes/pattern out, without also recording the internal synth or drum engine at the same time. If I turn down the main volume knob I don’t hear the internal source, but then again, I can’t hear what I’m recording in to Tape either. Maybe there’s clever, hidden in plain sight workaround for this?

You can use any sampler synth patch and turn the sample volume all the way down (shift + orange, I think).


I think I may have created a workaround without realizing it. I just add the punch or nitro filter to the synth and turn the cutoff frequency all the way down. Works well for me, but there may be another better way to do it.

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Knowing the OP-1, there are probably a dozen different ways to do it :wink:

I’ve found that I can easily dial in some dead space using the Dr. Wave synth in order to accomplish this.