recording an infinite loop

there might be a thread w/ this subject, but i couldn’t find one.
i recently sent my op-1 in for a repair, and i’m finding that there are some differences, or maybe it’s my imagination…

one thing i used to be able to do was make a recording and utilize overdubbing so that i created an infinite loop… there was never a pop/blip/click at the boundary from what i recall.
does anyone have tips as to how i can do this again? or do most people’s units create a click when they attempt this?

thanks - let me know if i’m not being clear…

i’d imagine that this functionality would normally necessitate that you snap to the nearest zero crossing of the tape before you loop around, so maybe i’m crazy and i was never able to do this without a click??

Unfortunately this is known as some kind of a “flagship problem”.

There is a discussion about workarounds here.

Whenever I run into clicks I use one of the following three options:

1. Use function + blue encoder (or was it the green one?) to move the recorded audio back and forth to hopefully find a better loop point but this could cause timing problems.

2. Lift the recorded audio and paste it to the sampler or the drum sampler to play with the attack, decay and release. But your looping time is limited to 6 or 12 seconds.

3. I think the best way to avoid this “flagship problem” is to keep the clicks and pops in mind and to adjust your playing/ programming at the end of each loop. In other words… the loop needs some space for silence.

If you find other possibilities… let me know.

These clicks and pops are also getting on my nerves as my livesets are based on looping on the fly using the OP. You have this great drum, loop, add some bass, and all of a sudden your loop starts with a grimey KRRK. The best part is that once you lift the loop, the click stays.

I emailed TE asking if it was adressed in the “potential” update. I know they know about it but it doesn’t hurt to remind them.

huh, that is so weird. i could swear that i never had this problem before; maybe occasionally.
apparently my ears have done me wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

ok, i might contact TE about it to see what’s what.