Recording Automation In OP-Z?

Hey guys! Is it possible to record automation in OP-Z? I can’t seem to find anything on it in the manual, but i believe ive heard that it is possible. I am specifically trying to record automation of track levels within a sequence and effects. thanks!

You can bind parameter values to steps, which should also work for the level value of the track.

It’s called “Parameter lock” in the manual and is quite easy to do: hold down the step and set the value to your liking.

Now, every time the sequencer plays the step, the value is set to the locked value.*

*You can change this ‘rule’ via step components.


you’re the best!

If you use live record mode (record and play together), the OP-Z records anything you do. This includes filter, fx, synth parameters, pan, everything.


i assume i should use snapshot to undo anything i mess up? or is there a better way to undo a live recorded parameter?

Holding stop and record will erase all parameter locks for a track. Holding a step and stop will erase parameter locks for a step.


Thanks alot everyone! :slight_smile:

I should get better at Snapshot mode. There’s also going into Manual Save mode.

Meanwhile, my habit has just been to Copy-Paste a project pattern that I like to the next step/pattern, use that one to mess around, and delete or Copy-Paste to the next pattern if I like it to then mess around with it there…

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different method for the same thing! i used to do it that way too. that way is less stressful tbh lol

This only seems to work for me when I’m holding the record button. I can rec+play to record note input, but not Param locks. I think. Anyone else get the same?

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had the same question.
at least I would love to see a full record mode where everything gets recorded without holding down the rec button and we need a better layout for trigless trigs.

i often like to program a Filter or lfo sequence to live play notes over that automation but the steps don‘t show any value unless you hold it down and see what the 4 dials have to say.

should be easy to implement a different light for parameter trigs only

I’d love smoother automation.

If your bpm is fast, and your track length is short, the steps are fast enough to give some smoothness, but long tracks have slow steps and no way to smooth automate.


I agree that parameter interpolation (slides) would be nice. Though, I want to point out that the LFO and its settings can be parameter locked, too. This way, you can achieve smooth changes in sounds, filter sweeps, etc. without having to lock anything. Also, step components allow you to do certain transitions, too.

But I admit: recording is often quicker than programming

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+1 for smooth modulation

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I could be mixing it up with how the Digitakt handles it. :frowning:

For me, filter or pan sweep step components, activate on for the whole track, and don’t deactivate at the end of the step. I assume CPU conservation.

I’m quite bummed by the lack of interpolation when you try to record stuff like filter sweeps, too. If I do want smooth filter transitions, I’ve started doing it with either the track’s LFO, or if possible with step components, or by performing the sweep when performing, or just by sweeping very slowly to make the steps as unobtrusive as possible.

Thinking about what would have to be interpolated with which criteria, I can see how it could be taxing for the device.

If you hold down record as it’s playing it will record smooth changes like the cutoff but I think you only get one lane of changes so if you try to real-time record another parameter the first will be erased.

Holding down record will record the changes. Even on more than one parameter. But I haven’t gotten it to record more than one value per trig, that is, 16 values total for a track, with sudden changes whenever a new trig happens (16ths with 1x, half notes with 8x), leading to a staircase kind of progression.

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Yeah that’s what I’m trying to do… alter the pitch for the same hi-hat sound on different steps in the same pattern. Any luck with that?