Recording directly to tape from external source i.e. guitar or voice.

Hello all at Operator-1.

I've been intrigued by the OP-1 for a while now and will be buying one soon. I've answered most of the questions I had regarding the device via the usual research channels, but one still remains that I can't quite get a definite answer for. I wonder if anyone here can help?

I would like to know if I can plug my guitar, via my effects pedals and amp simulator, into the input of the OP-1 and record directly to the tape? I’m not talking about the sampler here, as I might want to overdub a minute-long solo, or a rhythm track for the entire song, but directly recording to tape as if it were a “real” tape deck. Further to this, but I’m sure I can do this if I can record guitar, can I record voice and any external source to tape?

If this is possible, then the OP-1 will be a dream ticket for me.

Many thanks,


sure, just hit the “mic”-button in tapemode…then select the “line-in”-symbol.

now everythings gonna be recorder from line in to tape. just choose a track (1-4) and record to it…

Excellent, that’s great news! Thanks for the reply.

Howdy, keep in mind the input is 1/8".

I strongly recommend using an external preamp and/or DI via line in, as the internal mic is crapola (in my opinion). I record this way quite a bit. Also, the input is Mono, so configure your effects this way…

^What DI unit are you using? I’m thinking of getting the Radial one… Been trying to use pedals in my setup… Not working too well…