Recording input w/effects?

Can you record into op1 via input and put effects on the recording? The only way this seems possible is to put effects on the entire master? Am I missing something?

yea master fx is the way to get the live input. u can use the master fx individually on the tape by muting the channels u don’t want and resampling w/ ear.

if u want to use the synth or drum fx, u can sample into the respective samplers and freak that way.
the drum sampler is really fun. chop chop replay it. repeat.

too bad there’s no synth engine for processing input. maybe with a built-in filter or eq + effect.

@docshermsticks so basically I can only record effects live with input? I’d like to record on a single track live input with effects, is that possible?

yea! some type of insert before the tape would be dope.

@calicaux the tape is before the master fx. u would have to either
record into the drum or synth sampler, and then record it to tape.
record to tape then resample w/ ear onto a new tape track.
use album, which i believe is after the master fx and compression/drive.

there is a screen on the op1 that shows you the layout & flow of everything. can’t remember how u get to it, but its pretty cool.

Album is definitely at the end of the line, things recorded to album get all the master fx and drive love.

and shift+mixer is how you get to that screen @docshermsticks