Recording into android phone

Anyone know how to record op1 into an android phone. I want to run the op1 into a few fx pedals then record the outcome.

I am just doing this right now… but its somehow complicated, because your android wont recognize a stereo 3,5 jack plug, because it has a 4 pin 3,5 jackplug. that is why you need a splitter like the “Sennheiser PCV 05” and that is not all.
now you need a stereo to mono adapter for the microphone input at the sennheiser.
If you put a stereo signal into it, it won’t work, but with a mono signal it will work just fine, but logically it will be MONO, not stereo.

I don’t think its possible to record in stereo or at least I dunno how.

Android Lollipop and beyond supports USB audio natively. If you have a USB OTG adapter and a USB audio interface you can record stereo audio input with some apps. I currently use an iOS setup for audio recording though so I can’t really recommend a specific Android app. I did however have some luck with my old Galaxy S5 using the Samsung “Soundcamp” app and a Behringer XENYX 302 USB interface. Now I use a Line 6 SonicPort (which may have a USB adapter available for Android users) and run into an old iphone 5C that I refurbished. There are definitely more apps for audio recording/production on iOS, but I still prefer backing up my files on an Android device.

Good luck, hope this is somewhat helpful.

Cool. I thought there must be a USB way. Many thanks.