Recording midi from OP-Z including the Master Track transpositon?

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On track 8 I have a simple synth sound with a couple of notes and some ramp up/down step components.
The master track is on and is transposing the pitch of the track.
I’d really like to record the midi notes that corresponds to the notes I hear - including the transposition the master track does - but when I record the midi from track 8, only the midi coming from track 8 is sent out via the oplab module.

Any ideas on how to record the midi including the transposition done by the master track?

Hmm, I’m not experiencing that issue. I’m seeing the transposed MIDI notes coming out of the USB MIDI, the line module’s MIDI out, and I even tested it with the Oplab module’s MIDI out.

Just to rule this out - are you using the most recent firmware for both the OP-Z and for the Oplab module?

The only other thing I could think of would be if you had a bunch of Tonality 1 step components, which ignores master track transposition for that step.

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Hi jtswearingen,

Thanks so much for getting back to me! :slight_smile:

Yesterday when I read your reply I was so happy to hear that you didn’t have this problem which led me to dig in what could be causing the problem occuring :slight_smile:

I think I solved the problem!
I found out that I had the synth track set to “drone” which can lead to maxing out the keyboard voices on my external keyboard (I think - or is it limiting the midi out voices on the OP-Z?).
When changing this setting I not record the midi to something that pretty much sounds the same as on the OP-Z.

Btw I updated the op-lab module, I never found out if I had already done it years ago since I couldn’t find the current FW version on my OP-Z anywhere.

Wonderful you helped me :raised_hands:

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