Recording/Mixing/Mastering a full Album with the OP-Z (Tutorial)

Over the past year, I’ve had quite a few people ask me questions about my (now two) OP-Z releases (The Trancendence Album and Breath EP). The questions usually center around my workflow and recording/mixing process on the OP-Z. Since we don’t have a fully fleshed out way of multi-tracking, it can be difficult to get a great mix. Other people seem to view the OP-Z as more “toy-like” or as a “sketch pad” as opposed to a fully functional production tool. So, I decided to make mini videos series talking about that.

Part 1 focus on tips, tricks, and my overall thought process behind arranging and mixing a track before I take it outside of the OP-Z.


Part 2 goes over recording techniques, and midi implementation along with layering and mixing mixing tips once you have an OP-Z track inside the DAW.


Thanks, i’ve added these to my watch later list. :smiley:

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Great tutorials, thanks!

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Honestly I am new to OP-Z but I will seriously use your tutorial for my first project. Glad to be here, really have to say thanks to TE for crafting OP-Z and have to say thanks to all who are contributing their ideas to op-z!

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Hope you find it helpful, and best of luck with your first project!