Recording OP-Z to iPad

What simple app would you recommend for recording from OP-Z to iPad Pro (current model with USB-C)?

I want high quality recording and possibly basic editing (pretty much just trimming). I don’t want to learn how to use a DAW I just want to be able to back up ideas and live performances.

Really appreciate any help as there are so many sound/voice/audio recorders on App Store!

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The built-in Voice Memos app will do this. Try that first.

Just make sure to switch it to “lossless” recording in the Settings app.

The next thing to look at is AudioShare, which is an essential music app for the iPad.


I use Audioshare for this sort of thing too.

Yeah, it’s The Best.

Thanks @Mistercharlie and @Tarekith I’ll download Audioshare and give it a shot.