Recording OP1 Field Synths and Sounds into it even possible?

I haven’t been able to find an answer after searching exhaustively online so I thought I’d give the form a shot. I have an EP 133 KOII and an OP1 Field and am trying to connect them, such that I can have audio played from the OP1 synths recorded into the KOII, not just have the OP1F “control” the KOII pads. I haven’t had any success so far and don’t know if that’s even possible, but if it is, can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance, and stay groovy all!

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to record synths from op1f into ko2, a simple 3.5mm aux cable from the line output of the op1f into the line input of the ko2 works just as one might expect. you can either use your ko2 as a passthrough stage to add compression or FX to your op1f, or if you want to save your synth sounds as samples onto the ko2 you will simply need to enter sample mode on the ko2.

to control the ko2, that is done via midi and can only be done via usb-c cable. the op1f needs to be set to midi out (or both) and the ko2 needs to be in midi receive mode. you will see the ko2 in the list of available midi devices on the op1f midi menu once you plug them into one another via usbc and you can configure it to your liking.

both of the above is documented in the official te ko2 guide and op1f guide.

i almost never use midi so i dont have much experience with the 2nd point above but i have used it on a few occasions and it worked well. and you can do both midi and audio (points 2 and 1 above) at the same time. just make sure they are not being charged from the same source, otherwise you will hear ground loop noise. if you must charge them from the same source, then a simple group loop isolator device (like the one te sells on their webstore) will solve that issue.

Thank you djcuvcuv. I tried a variety of connections via 3.5mm but perhaps I just haven’t tweaked the settings just right. I’ll keep at it and review the documentation a bit more thoroughly. To accomplish my goal, do you know if I need to use a particular type of 3.5mm cable (TRS, TRRS, etc.)?

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ah ok i see. that is strange. have you tried using headphones or speakers via line output on the op1f to ensure this is no hardware issue/defect in your op1f? secondly, have you tried other line inputs like your ipod/iphone/etc into your ko2 to make sure there is no bug/defect in your ko2 line input? lastly, have you tried to use your aux cable with other devices to make sure your cable works?

if all the above checks out, then im weary there may be a hardware issue with your device(s). there are no settings for line in, it should just work immediately.

ideally a TRS cable so that you can leverage the stereo signal, but any aux cable will work

Thank you for the suggestions, they were very helpful! I connected audio out from op1f to audio in of ko2 and I do get incoming op1 audio through ko2 output jack / headphones successfully. :slight_smile: I then tried arming a group in the ko2 and recording the outgoing synth from op1 and even though I hear the op1 in the ko2 I’m not able to record audio from the op1 into the ko2. My ultimate goal is to record into the ko2 from the op1 and am wondering if perhaps I’m doing something wrong or if it’s not possible. Thank you again for the feedback and your patience. :slight_smile:

that is great news. yes, so you will need to hit the orange sample button on ko2, and then save the sounds incoming to whichever group and pads you like.

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Thank you again djcuvcuv, you’ve saved me hours and hours of frustration! Stay groovy!

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no problemo!