Recording OP1 in Logic Pro X with External Midi Keys

Hey folks, this may be a simple issue but I’m trying to record my OP-1 in to Logic but use an external keyboard to control the OP-1 so that I can record with a larger range of keys, hopefully sustain, etc.

I have a Yamaha P105b digital piano and a Roland A49 midi keyboard, up to date drivers installed on my M2 Macbook Air, and can record software instruments with these devices without issue. Just can’t seem to get the routing right to have either the Yamaha or the Roland MIDI communicate through Logic with my OP-1 and record the synths back in to Logic. Any tips on set-up / MIDI routing, or insight as to whether this is even possible, is appreciated!

should def be possible
this is super easy to do in live
but not sure how it goes in logic
tbh since this is more of a logic thing than an op1 thing
u may have better luck just googling how to do external midi output in logic
i just did “external midi logic” and a bunch of videos and guides popped up
should be somewhere in there