Recording the pocket operator in stereo?

Trying to record some stuff from my pocket operators to a DAW and a looper. Also when i sync my POs to sample into my OP-1 the sound really changes and it sounds degrades. No luck with my current stereo cabels, Maybe an 8th to dual quarter mono cable would work?

PO’s are mono audio and the OG-1 is mono audio in. A stereo cable should be ok with the OG-1, the right side should be nulled out. But you could also use a standard 1/8” TS cable, most commonly found in modular.

For other gear you can grab an 1/8” to dual 1/4” and just use the left plug.

Main point, no need to capture stereo from a PO.

but it doesn’t work when i try to put the audio back into the pocket operator? Also i don’t have an OG-1 or know what its is? I’m a n00b, but if i used both wouldn’t it be considered double mono?
How To Backup Pocket Operators // Save your PO-33 beats! - YouTube Just found this video. Thanks for the info!

OG-1 = Original OP-1