Recording With External Mic

Has anyone had any experience recording with an external microphone direct into the Line-in on the OP-1?

I tried to tonight, but didn’t have any luck. Admittedly, it was only a cheap mic (Behringer XM8500), but it has Phantom Power, and I checked it was working by trying it out on a laptop too - no problems there.

When I plug it into the OP-1 line in with an xlr to 3.5mm lead, the OP-1 obviously recognises that there’s an additional line plugged in because the symbol changes to a jack plug when you go to the mic input function select. And I can even generate a tiny amount of noise (only a little electrical squiggle) by running my finger over the head of the mic, so it’s picking something up.

But as far as it actually picking up any real external sound / vocal up, I’m getting nothing, even with the input level turned way up.

Has anyone else had this problem? And is it possible I need a preamp even though the mic has Phantom Power?


The OP-1 does not deliver Phantom Power on its line-in input. You need to use a preamp or a mixer which delivers Phantom Power to drive your mic. I hope this answer helps you.

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a simple mike for the OP-1, without fancy stuff, just to record voice?

@Johnl sorry John, literally no one on the internet has any answers.

People have mentioned recording devices like Zoom H1 or 2…plugged into OP1.

Will any microphone that does not rely on the output jack supplying power work? In other words: if I buy ANY microphone with a normal 3.5mm TRS plug with it’s own power source will it work as a microphone?

People have mentioned recording devices like Zoom H1 or 2..plugged into OP1.

I wrote it in another thread but for the readability…
“The H2n Line Out is a stereo ⅛” phone jack with dedicated volume control. Headphones can be connected to this jack for private monitoring of the input or recorded signal."

So I personally think something like this is the best solution since you are also able to record more than 6 or 12 seconds. Especially if you are into field recording. Record whatever you want and rerecord it to the Op1.

I have a H2n and it’s a decent battery-powered solution, so great for sketching on the go. But even if the mic’s pretty good, it’s not even close to a proper large-condenser mic, even a cheapo Thomann one like the T.BONE SC400 (which I also have). But for that, you need phantom power and a pre-amp/mixer. So not dissing the Zooms, I’m a happy owner, but just reminding that they are not a proper replacement for the real thing…

For me, I’ve never really dipped into the world of plugging a mic into the Op-1 because of that kind of weird digital churning noise you get whenever you record through the line in. However, I do have a Zoom H5 and really love that thing. It’s great to record a stereo field recording into left and right files (which you can do on the H5) and then transfer those to the Op-1 the tedious way (with a computer) and carry on working in the op-1.

I only get a churning noise when the tape is playing, no noise when recording to either sampler.

Oh interesting, thanks for mentioning that. I’ll have to try recording straight to drum sampler later.

I recently picked up the H5 and I can’t get enough of it. It’s got decent mic pres, phantom power, plug-in power, and also different flavors of compression and limiting on the inputs. It can essentially be a 4-track recorder. Useful in so many ways. Haven’t tried it, but you could totally plug that sucker right into the OP-1 input and use it as a mic.

Has anybody here tried any of the modern Nagra recorders (i.e. Mezzo)?