Recreate this synth sound with OP1's FM synth?

I really like this bass sound that starts at 0:12 and I can tell it’s an FM bass line. I’ve been fiddling with the op1’s FM synth for a while and can’t replicate it at all! I would really appreciate it if you could have a go and let me know your settings if you get anything good! If not, if you happen to know where I can get a sample of it from that would also be appreciated. Also if you know what kind of synth the lead in Robin S’s Show Me Love is please tell me, I’d like to find a sample of that one too! thanks

I can tell you that bass is on the microkorg as a preset and yes its fm from memory.
I cant remember what exact ,but it was a simple two osc affair with cross mod(fm) on the MKorg, with simple settings.
Never heard the OP-1 do this either and the FM synth can be a bit …er cryptic.
Will come back here if I remember. I’m away from home.

Show me love is a classic house organ bass,but cant help further than that. It may be on the MicroKorg or Kaoscillator OG ,not too sure right now.

ive made something very similar let me go through all my patches and try to find it

I found these sounds on the korg Volca FM - which is my favorite Volca .
The Robyn S house organ bass is there right out the box , incase this helps.
Still searching for OP-1 ness though.