RedMount Kits from the app

Good day,

Every now and than, the z crashes and won’t do anything until I perform a factory reset, and re-import everything from backups. This all takes about a minute or so, so I could live with it. But one thing that never gets put back the way it was is all the Redmount kits that I added from the app… They show up preceded by the “~” but don’t appear on the opz and that takes for ever to retransfer over bluetooth. The sample packs I have added from the computer (from various sources) do get restored properly, so I am wondering if there is a way to add these redmount kits manually from the computer as well…

If the Redmount kits exist in your backup can’t you just drag them onto the op-z in content mode?

They exist as 0kb links just as the stock ones “~redmountKicks.aif” instead of “redmountkicks”, and even when that gets dragged over, it doesn’t work.
Btw, it takes about 40 minutes to transfer all four percussion samples from the app, is that normal (that’s why I’m looking for another solution)

Using the usb cable and the camera connection kit, the transfer goes much faster. Also, only do one page at a time in case the transfer fails, that way it’s less painful if it fails.

Since it’s not a “normal” Bluetooth device with traditional data mechanisms, I suspect it’s using midi as a sort of data transfer.