Redsound soundbite micro

Hey dudes,

Anyone have a crack at one of these? I’ve been looking for something to create loops automatically, and the possibility of syncing other devices without having to choose my tempo 100% intentionally is very appealing for it’s potential for creative vibes.

i had one several years ago.

IIRC the auto tempo to midi clock out worked okay.
depends on what u are feeding it.

otherwise its pretty cool.

I read in a german review that the unit gets very hot after some time of usage. Despite that the review was mainly positive.

Thanks guys. Hadn’t heard about the heat thing. That’s handy to know.

I use the redsound with op-1 to slave my electribe to the op-1

Works perfect when you use steady beats…
It gets a bit warm while using it, but not hot. It’s ok and very cheap. eday 40 euro sometimes…