Release Date Discussion

September just ended, which means that TE did not match the first proposal of a Launch Date (September 2017). We saw it coming, specially when 'September ’ shifted to ‘Late’. And oh man this is ambitious, OP-Z is as little as your cellphone and can perform some pretty odd things…[while keeping it’s retail price for less than his older brother]

In any case, I have not herd of official news relating to the product release, but it would be nice to discuss this topic in a more structured way where anyone who is interested may get some info about it.

#ems is a very tempting pool of info now that the calendar is updated:

This workshops may leek new info on the ‘OP-Z’ new features, or even put a few of the Beta models for the public to try (like the one Cuckoo so ‘push’-‘swift’-‘buum’ previewed ‘squash’).

Any knowledge on ‘how good’ TE is at accomplishing product deadlines? (although ‘Late’ doesn’t sound like it)

Can most of the newly introduced features be aligned to this year? (like Unity3D integration for which I’m spectacularly urgent to try).

On the back side. AS OF 04/09/17 [not on a US calendar] No press release…

Ok, so let’s get talking.

can we discuss this in one thread instead of three? preferably the one that already has a lot of discussions going on? just my two cents

its never coming out, OP1 FOREVER!

its never coming out, OP1 FOREVER!


So, no news from Namm 2018 right? :confused:

So, no news from Namm 2018 right? :/

Newsletter today said spring 2018 :slight_smile:

I have zero interest in it, the OP-1 sounds digital enough as it is

Apparently TE want a big booth an NAMM next year. I hope we don’t have to wait until then! From the TE NOW page:

outside hall a, by coffee placescout / book big booth for next year!
So, no news from Namm 2018 right? :/

Newsletter today said spring 2018 :slight_smile:

Alright, this will be the first time in my life I subscribe to a newsletter voluntarily…

Their newsletter is nice and pretty intermittent and is where the most OP-Z tidbits have come from.

They say "we are now in the last phase developing the OP-Z and are very happy to let you know that we are just about to start beta testing. estimated launch is planned for spring 2018. we promise its worth waiting for. thank you all for you patience!"

Although I swear I saw a similar message in the newsletter back in October/November - “about to start beta testing!” and back then it seemed like right about now is when release would have happened, so… shrug.

This is a bit of a disappointment. I was expecting them to sell it now.

Do we at least have any new videos of the OPZ from the NAMM? Any more news or details?

Just stay calm and make beats W/ what U got in the meantime. At least that’s the approach I’m trying I take.

And make no mistake, I am super excited about the opz. I’m flabbergasted at op1ers who aren’t, but each to their own <3

Nothing really from NAMM. Teenage Engineering is literally hanging out in a car in the parking lot. From some videos I’ve seen (such as from my local synth shop owner who is there), they have an OP-Z with them, but primarily seem to be showing the Pocket Operator ‘Metal’ line (PO-32 and new 33 and 35).

It’s good for me, in a way. Hopefully I’ll have paid off this little buying spree (damn you Digitone!) I’ve been on by the time OP-Z comes out.

Today i came across Jade saying “some time in may” on her instagram, here’s the link:

Dang the OP-Z is so tiny it makes the OP-1 look like a Roland JD-800:)

Teenage Engineering is literally hanging out in a car in the parking lot.


More power to em… Sometimes you gotta chill in your vehicle, and watch the world go by… When I was doing that, I can assure you, I hadn’t just released parts 2 & 3 of a beats calculator trio <3

Yeah, I used to live in my van… That’s why my band’s called The Campervan Dancers… My missus is a dancer, haha.

I think Cuckoo’s “OP-Z Preview” video shows the OP-Z and a Pocket Operator side by side. It looks like the OP-Z is really about the size of two Pocket Operators laid end to end. Tiny.

Or as the OP-Z preview page says, “this time the machine is so small we guarantee it will upset you”