ReOPZ Reason and OP-Z Template and Files

Dear Colleagues.

I have created a Reason 10 template and wanted to share. Comprised of OP-Z MIDI settings file and an OP-Z template project file to mix the two products together in a streamlined fashion. Please read the instructions included in the file, but note in advance that two free rack extensions are needed as well. Hope someone finds this useful and as fun as I do.



Definitely excited to try this out. I had a lot of fun routing the OP-Z’s midi channels to different NN19s—the sequencer is just so immediate and fun to use.

@wtrmnstr , you can change rack extensions/VSTs to anything you want in this one, but for the “demo” start-up devices for drum group I used NN-XT, where you can just load up 24 one shots and right click, automap samples chromatically. The combinator is transposed to send notes at -17 (C1) to correspond with this. Also Dr. Rex is pretty awesome for use within the drum group :slight_smile: