Repairing a second hand OP-1

hi, I’m thinking of getting a second hand Op-1. I’m trying to factor in the possible need for repairs somewhere down the line (the one I’m looking at is working fine now).

I finally found TEs page on repairs

It’s now a 3rd party repair and in addition to other information you are required to provide;

“- your proof of purchase (in order to validate your date of purchase and warranty),”

Other than when I made the purchase myself I won’t have that info but I would assume it would be out of warranty. Do they still fix them?

Supplimentary question if I buy a new one, do they only fix them if they are within warranty (is that only 1 year?) or do they chargably fix older units?

They will repair it, the proof of purchase and warranty is probably needed, if you bought it from them under better conditions, price.
Anyway there are other people that can fix it too.

BTW it’s easy to fix most things on your own (and much cheaper) :Usually you just replace a broken part. Ifixit and TE give you detailed information on how to do this.