Replace/fix PO buttons/switches without soldering

Hi, (posted this on reddit but thought it might be useful here as well.)

I had some issues with new pocket operators where some of the buttons only triggered when pressed hard. So I did some research.

In this thread you will find all the replacement parts. Including the ALPS SKHMQKE010 buttons. However, replacing a button requires some skilled soldering.

In this video you will see how to clip off the top part of the buttons while keeping the button itself soldered on. (no soldering required)

So I went and bought a few of these buttons. (the green ones - SKHMQLE010) And tried the trick in the video.

Here’s what happened:

  • The button (green plastic parts) are slightly bigger than the original PO buttons. So they don’t fit neatly on top of the original soldered switches (black parts). BUMMER!

  • However, the contact part (thin metal disc) fits neatly. And arguably better. It has bit of a bulge, unlike the originals. Make sure the bulge faces upwards.

  • The metal frame that clips on top of everything from the new buttons does not match on the original soldered part neatly either.

So in the end, the only thing that could be replaced without soldering was the thin metal disc.

And guess what. It worked like a charm. The button now works perfectly.

Hope this helps some people!


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