Replacement dials on op-z

Hi does anyone know where i can buy a new plastic dial as mine has snapped in half?

Te may help you if you ask customer service kindly. They have links they give for parts in their store. I got the elusive OP-1 connector board that way a couple months ago

Thank you. I have sent an email to the warranty and repair support team hoping to hear something back soon. Weird how theres no where that sells any replacements of these.
I saw a post about someone 3d printing these but they are not for sale as far as im aware.

A rotary dial snapped in half? How did that happen?

If you can get the 3D Print file there are many places online that will print up whatever you send them

one of the libraries in my city has a 3D printer
they print shit for MAAAAAAAD cheap
a great community resource
maybe something similar in your city exists?
if not a library maybe a maker space or something?

also unfortunately as a society as a whole
generally speaking atleast
stocking replacement parts are largely an afterthought
the sentiment is not to fix your shit but to buy a whole new one


What city you in?

Hi im in portsmouth, UK