Replacement headphone jack wanted


Recently my headphone jack only puts out audio on the right channel. If I push it down both channels work.
Contacted Teenage Engineering to see if they hade any spare jacks to send over but they referred me to this forum =)
Anyone who found separate jacks to order or have any tips on repair it?

And yes I know it’s possible to order a new I/O board but I’m trying to save a few bucks for my GAS

I had the same problem for a few months & figured out a few things that helped keep it rolling until I could afford an ifixit replaement; took 10 minutes to change out & sounds good as new.

If you pull up the piece of plastic on the underside of your OP-1 (The part with the brail on it) you’ll see the audio connection board.

The jacks are pretty simple connections that can often either be pushed/clicked back into place, or you might need a soft touch with a soldering iron on the visible connection to the jack, if the connection looks broken.

I folded up a piece of paper that I placed between the jacks & the plate for a while, so I could push down to reseat the connection whenever it started to give me troubles.

Also, be sure to check your audio cable & make sure you don’t have a broken leg on it causing the trouble for you.

In the end, I found it worth while to make the repair with a new connection board.

They’re actually in stock in the US, for a change right now, so grab one if you can.

Seriously made all the difference in the world; I can actually use the accelerometer again wihout worrying about my signal cutting out on me.

Hope this helps - Sleep Dep

Thanks for the tips.
Already had it opened once and fiddled with the jack with no success. Maybe I should try do desolder it and have a look.

It’s pretty easy to take it out & look at the underside. The walkthrough video is pretty solid in terms of showing how to take it out; the only thing they don’t show is the flex cable removal, but you kust need to pull away from the board & it easily pops off

Perhaps this one?

Great find Punji! Looks like in actually will fit. I removed the i/o board once to try and bend the pegs in the jack and I remember that design. Will report back

Hi Defectus,

How was the experiment? any good news?

it seems like a lot of people are having the same problem with the headphone jack myself included. I solved the problem by exposing the connector board and using a pin to push down on the metal tab on top of the connector box. The tab makes contact with the shaft of the jack. Don’t push it down too far or it could break or you won’t be able to push the jack in. I pushed the tab down and now have a secure and tight connection with both channels playing.

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