Replacement headphone jack

My headphone jack on the op-1 only plays audio on the left channel unless i push it down a bit. I’ve seen that a replacement connector board is availible on ifixit.

But I would rather shell out 50€ on a new PO than a complete board when i only need a new jack that i could solder on the board.

Does anyone know where I could find a replacement jack? (preferably in the EU)

Edit: saw that stocked the part <span style=“background-color: rgb(252, 252, 255); color: rgb(37, 38, 30); font-family: “Courier New”; font-size: 13px;”>SJ1-3515-SMT (CUI) but if you have another site thet doesn’t charge 20€ in order-fees for a 1€ product please let me know
Yes, I’m a cheap bastard =D

It seems to be this one, but I think nobody has ever confirmed that:

Thanks Punji. I’ll try and hunt it down in EU and confirm if it works

I had the same problem. I removed the backplate, there are 5 soldering points at the plug, with a small screw driver it’s easy to find the loose point. I just held the loose solder point down with a solder iron for a few seconds. Tested it and worked like it should. It was pretty easy to do and usually I am terrible with soldering.

Sweet, I’ll try that first before I order a jack. Impossible to find a retailer who sells these in small scale, which is understandable.

Tried resoldering all the points of the headphone jack and it did the trick! thanks for the tip @jo2000

Thought the problem was in the jack.

good to hear that it did work for you.

in case i ever want to use the op1 keytar style (even i am sure that will not ever happen) - i am thinking about a few enforcements :slight_smile: