Replacing the internal speaker in OP-1 for a better one

Hello. Has anyone replaced the internal speaker in OP-1. As you know, its parameters are weak and it’s practically impossible to work on it. If not, does anyone know the exact dimensions of the speaker so that I can find something better than the original?
I know the parameters of the original speaker (1wat, 8ohm), but I can’t find the dimensions anywhere.

I just use headphones, or plug into an external speaker.

I do it too but I don’t ask about it.

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Can I ask you why you want to do that when you can just plug in headphones or speakers ?

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Not a bad idea… if I take mine apart again anytime soon I can take some measurements for you. I’m a bit reluctant since last time I did that I snapped a butterfly clip, but I’ll probably replace the keyboard sometime. From what I can tell the diameter is at least 25mm, but less than 30mm. Whatever it is, it’s going to be a metric size.

If you manage to do it, let us know how it works out.

I was looking for a small device on which I could produce music from beginning to end. OP-1 suits. Unfortunately, it is not perfect, I miss more traces and a good internal speaker. I produce whole songs from A to Z on OP-1, I only mastering at Ableton. OP-1 is small. An external loudspeaker is always an additional device. Constant work on headphones is tiring. Unfortunately, the speaker is a failure;). Shortening the answer - convenience.

For clarification.
It’s simply impossible to create music on this speaker. I do not expect auditions as on studio monitors in OP-1.
But it would be good to hear what is being created.

I once displaced the speaker on mine. I think the 2,5 to less than 3 cm are right… Are there any speakers that have the same Ohms? Maybe from an used iPhone. It just needs more subs.

here is the spec sheet from the op1 replacement speaker that ifixit sells.
28mm x 6.5mm

i’d be really surprised if swapping the speaker for another similar small speaker
would actually make much of a difference.

Thank you for the speaker specifications. I wrote to “ifixit” but they replied that they do not know the specifications and that I can search for information on the forum myself. When it comes to replacing the speakers, as I wrote earlier, I don’t expect miracles but I think you can find something better. I have a smaller speaker on my smartphone and it sounds much better. There is a smaller speaker in OP-Z and it sounds much better if someone can confirm it?

Hi, I’ve bought 4 different small speakers and hot-swapped them; so far the original sounds the best (iFixit one is about the same as the original one). It’s pretty hard to find something better that will fit in such tight space & produce better sound.

Anyway - please be careful while removing original speaker - it’s glued in.

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This is a good point, TE didn’t skimp on the OP-1 hardware. Maybe consider backing it with foam or fabric before replacing it. I often wonder about that grill, too.