Replicating OP-1 FX in a DAW

I made my own Nitro today in ableton and I’m surprised how close it is. I even included 4 additional parameters as seen on the bottom row. The hp drive boosts the signal going into the LPF, which activates the LPF envelope even more. Pretty sure the official Nitro is a -24dB/oct filter but it sounds good with a -12 as well. I’ve linked the .adg file.

Have you tried to replicate any other FX? Punch and CWO are two that come to mind.

Cool thread. I really like the OP1 delay - the way it holds the buffer when you change the coarse time (circle size) results in some pretty fun artifacts a lot of the time. The closest spiritual equivalent I’ve found is Soundtoys PrimalTap, based on the lexicon prime time. It has a big switch that controls the sample rate of the buffer, among lots of other very fun and tweakable features.

CWO you can do with a plugin, made by the same person who made CWO I think :slight_smile:


And its the same guy behind PO-32 Tonic’s sound engine, Microtonic