Resampled audio significantly lower?

I’m trying to group my loop on tracks 1-3 onto track 4 so i can continue to build.

I put the mic on the ear, turn the recording level all the way up in the tape, everything should be fine except… the recorded audio has a much lower volume. Low enough to not be able to work with it.

Is there a fix or workaround for this? Does this happen to everyone?

Ps: if there are any OP veterans that would be open to me asking them some questions (like, how do i group tune my drums?(seriously)) from time to time I’d appreciate it!

Have the tracks you want to bounce in a selected section with start and end loop points.

Lift All with the shift lift. you can put it back onto the tape for later use.
Then go to the drum sampler, drop what you lifted into the sampler.
Hit the first key, then move the white knob to the end of the sample.
Make sure you have your levels the way you want them before the lift.
Then turn the input up all the way from the drum sampler into the tape orange knob.
Move to a new section of tape set your loop points where you want to record the bounce.
It’s the cleanest way to do it without introducing more noise or gain AFAIK.

No group tuning of drums AFAIK - is this a thing any where? I’ve never seen it before?

In terms of the bouncing of 2 tracks to 1 and losing volume, you can bounce the 2 tracks to album, then back to a spare track via Ear. It’s a bit tricky to set up and get the timing right, but a few trials will get you going. There’s a post about it in the tips/tricks thread (which you should def read if you haven’t already!)

I like to stay with Tape to bounce tracks. It keeps locked time.
Keep in mind source tracks volume, destination tracks volume and red level.
(From memory red is 8 clicks from full initially. This is 75%)
If mixer tracks are all set to 80 and red is maxed full -I found this to be a good true copy of volume preserved with bounce. You will need to zero FX/EQ/Drive after bounce to hear as was. Hopefully that gets you there.
If your mixer levels are all varied then set the destination track accordingly to make up, though 80 to 99 is not alot so if source are low volume the bounce may still sound low,even with 99 on destination.

As will fine pitch for drums @millbastard is right. I do miss this feature ,especially for fine tuning breaks. You could group tune in semi tones by playing with White in Tape for tape speed before recording.
Phone is great for pitch shift but will glitch drums some (and doesn’t change timing length). Shift and Blue to fine tune pitch.Max red.Experiment other two.

the endless sequencer will pitch a pattern up or down, but only the pattern you punch in and only while the seq is on.