Resampling what I recorded in tape mode

Hi everyone,

It’s my first post here and I’m newbie with my OP-1 as well. I just recorded a synth line in tape mode and I’d like to resample this. To be more precise I chose a synth, used the endless sequencer, recorded 30-35 seconds in tape mode. And now I’d like to “save” what’s on the track to be able to re-manipulate these 30-35 seconds. Sounds complicated with my words but it’s not. Thank you!

you can lift from the tape and drop up to 6 seconds into the synth sampler, or up to 12 seconds into the drum sampler at the cost of aliasing if you change pitch. I’m afraid you can’t use all of your 30-35 seconds as a single sample. [Insert typical excuse how old samplers could sample like only 2 seconds or something.]

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If it’s just a mono sound then you can bounce to album and then back to tape. There’s no ‘auto-start’ so you have to hit tape play/rec and album play/rec simultaneously if you want to stay on grid etc. Seemed to work OK when I used it like this tho.
You can repeat for further tweaking. This will only enable you to add extra master fx/drive + comp/eq though. Not tweaking of the synth/lfo parameters etc.

Or bouncing across tracks is probably better if it’s only one tape track you want to resample. Just select ‘ear’ as sampling input source, activate it while on tape screen and then you can tweak/change fx while recording to a different track and so on…

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Hi @enoha

You can also press Shift + Mic to access the input source screen. From there, use the blue pot and select the ear icon. Now you can go to either the synth sampler or (more likely) the drum sampler and when you press the Mic button you will be prompted with an icon that displays a finger pressing a piano key and the words “TO SAMPLE”. It will also show the ear icon in the bottom right of the screen (showing that your sample source is internal to the Operator).

Now when you press a key (A usually, but it doesn’t matter - especially for the drum sample engine) the sampler will be armed and will automatically begin to record once some program material begins to play at a volume that crosses the adjustable “TRIG” threshold.

The drum sampler is fantastic for resampling and and re-splicing.

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Hi guys,

I was using the search function to find what different people used to bounce tracks together in tape mode and found this thread.

Sometimes I’ll have a drum loop spread across the 4 tracks. Or maybe just 3 drum tracks and 1 synth. I’m struggling to move to the next loop and maintaining the same overall levels.

If I record all drum tracks into 1 with ear to move them all together to the next bar I always loose either volume or high frequencies somehow… even if I record the track with max input.

The only way I could keep the flow going without having an audible difference between loops is by using the lift/drop onto samplers, but that leaves me with only 6/12 second which makes it harder to bounce together longer synth lines that have variations.

So, I I’m interesting in knowing in what specific situations you take advantage of Ear bouncing, Lift/Drop sampler bouncing and ->Album->Tape bouncing ?

Thanks !

I just found really useful info about this in the Battle 44 thread :wink:

You can sample with the tape playing back twice as fast. That way you can sample 24 seconds using the drum sampler.
To speed up the playback speed, go to tape mode and turn the white knob up. Then sample that playback.


Haha that’s brilliant!! ^^

You can sample with the tape playing back twice as fast. That way you can sample 24 seconds using the drum sampler.
To speed up the playback speed, go to tape mode and turn the white knob up. Then sample that playback.

Oooooooh this is a killer idea, as then you can pitch the drums back down to original pitch. Sneaky sneaky trick. Gonna try this one

Yeah works great!

I used to do this with dual cassette deck wayback in analog daze… I’d put the unit in high speed dub mode to maximize my 6-7 second max samp time on the akai s612. I love how the op-1 maps workflow back to those times in a lot of ways. I got plenty of old tricks lls.

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Can you explain how you solved the lower volume / frequency pain? having the same issues. Thanks!

big love for the akai s612 sampler!..except for those stupid quick disks.

i also think of the OP1 as the realisation of all my dreams… from 1985. and i mean that in a good way.

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agreed 100%.

how much memory is in the op-1 to store all this stuff if the sampled drums keep piling up?
the idea of recording it speeded up is fabulous, but wouldn’t the quality degrade?

that’s what the Album is for.

you can record the whole tape, jam over it lay down fx, and use that twice on A or B