Resampling workflow

I’m trying merge multiple tracks into the one, to free other tracks.

What I did:

  • Remove FX, zero Drive and Release master settings
  • Set recording level to 100%
  • Record new track with ear resample

What I got

  • Same panning (cool!)
  • Same level in mixer, but weaker (IMHO) sound (not so)
  • Background noise (bad)

I also tried paste this into the drum mixer, but the result seemed similar.

How can I avoid that noise and get 100% similar new track? Please share your workflow with me :slight_smile:

Hey @lucidyan

My (white ear) workflow is similar to yours.

  • I max out EQ on bass, mid, treble (usually have that by default)
  • Remove master fx (unless I want to record that too)
  • Zero Drive
  • Arm my white ear

However, I generally test the recording level by doing a few seconds of white ear recording and then play back to see if I’ve got the level right before doing the full merge. I certainly don’t have it on 100%, that often distorts it for me. More like 50% (possibly because I max out EQ?).

One thing though - you mentioned you got the same panning in your result. The individual tracks are mono, it’s just the master that’s stereo, so after merging, I’d have thought there’d be no stereo.


Thanks, @yoof
I didn’t know about maxing EQ’s trick. And I’ll check panning carefully later again.

You said, that you recording at 50%, so how did you get same recording level without master distortion? Did you experienced problems with the background noise?

No probs.

Yes, with the red vertical slider at around 50% (I defo have to play with that a few times to get it just right), I seem to be able to record it as near on exactly how the multiple tracks sound in my master before merging. No background noise and no distortion. So, my recipe is basically max EQ, no drive, no fx and do a few attempts using different levels of the red slider to find the right level.

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Ok, will give it a try!