Resell the opz?

Even if I like the sequencer of the opz.
I thought there would be a sampling function (no news on this side), I find it currently quite limited
I hesitate to resell it, and you, why do you resell your OPZ?

I was lucky enough to be able to return mine to store within 30 days, and bought a few FX pedals instead.

I’ve no doubt I will buy OPZ again in future, but at the moment it feels unfinished. It’s amazing but I can’t afford to drop £500 in something in the hope it will be what I want in a few years time.

I’m going to sit tight. As soon as they introduce sampling I will buy one

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Thank you for your answer, I currently have the same opinion as you

I’m in the same boat. I’m keeping mine mostly because I already invested some time in my sampling tool and would feel bad to just stop supporting it. I only use the OP-Z when I’m on the road though.

There is a dude working on an android app with op-z functionality. If you really wanted to stop supporting your tool I am sure someone would be happy to pick up the task if the code was shared.

I had too, Fate was involved: my first seller could not provide it soon enough to bring it with me on vacations, and the second one has been dishonest: they sent me a package already opened.
I think this tainted the experience…

But the real thing is I found the synth engines very poor. And got a second hand Peak for 300€ more :wink:


Any source or more informations about this “dude” ? I’m very interested

@ech0es `The app is here -
The dude is a member here -

Sold it too because it was not quite finished and too limited. I was freakin creative with it though, so I carefully backed up everything and bounced the tracks I liked even if there were not finished. I’m keeping the OP-Z on the radar and will hopefully get another one when it will be more polished.

And it gives me some time to keep learning the Deluge :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here. The engines sounded weak and I found it super limited to only have two of the disc knobs mapped to the different synth parameters. On the OP-1 you always get four knobs per engine.